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Blue Calcite Raw Crystals

Beloved Minerals

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Calcite itself is a stone that amplifies energies ! Blue Calcite emits a calm & charming energy, sure to soothe even the most neurotic of us. Feeling overwhelmed, like you’re missing the words to describe how you’re feeling? Blue Calcite is here to help. By stimulating our throat chakra and soothing our third eye this stone can help us to better understand what it is what we’re experiencing and helps us to express a genuine version of ourselves while feeling supported. This makes it an ideal stone for the family room or on - the - go, nurturing and understanding are what it’s all about. 

This listing is for (1) individual stone. We will intuitively choose for you. 

each piece weighs 2 oz & measures 2 inches 

- size is approximate

- these crystals are naturally occurring so each one is beautiful in its own unique way, characteristics will vary