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I created Beloved Minerals in 2014 after entering into what would eventually blossom into a career in the gem and mineral industry. I’ve had a passion for nature ever since I can remember, always collecting earth treasures on the shores of the Great Lakes in my home state of Michigan. Flash forward 20 years to me dropping out of art school to pursue the path less travelled I bought the ticket and left for the west coast with a couple of girlfriends. My soul called for healing and I found my way back to nature and her treasures. I’m inspired by all facets of natural healing and make this crystal medicine my offering to the world. I have spent the last 6 years building relationships with families from around the world, consciously curating our diverse mineral offerings. Our inventory is always changing, each piece hand chosen for its unique vibrations and beauty. I channel and download their lessons to write our own healing descriptions for each variety of stone. I believe that we as humans are all healers and these crystals, some of the finest instruments. Crystals teach us how to listen to our intuition & connect to our highest self. I am honored to serve as the facilitator for these crystal adoptions. 

- Ally Sun Tata