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Soul Power Crystal Set - Labradorite, Pyrite & Quartz

Beloved Minerals

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Labradorite offers a pathway of protective light into the deepest parts of ourselves, encouraging us to discover our own spirituality. Opening our heart and our third eye chakra. Each of the stones contain a gorgeous and unique iridescent optical effect known as labradorescence.

A stone of both earth & fire elements. Pyrite symbolizes the sun’s warmth and it’s regenerative abilities. This energy helps to attract wealth and maintain it by encouraging an abundance mentality. Pyrite carries a more masculine energy making it a stone of action & vitality by tapping into one’s potential and supporting creative endeavors. Placed in ones home it surrounds its occupants with white protective light.

Clear Quartz healing offers insight into our highest self to provide a better perspective of the world. Rainbow inclusions are caused by traumas during the growth process us & remind us to celebrate our flaws.Resonating at the level of the individual, Clear Quartz scans the user for intention and asseses their needs. This crystal is the most programmable stone available, whatever your request Clear Quartz will aid it it’s accomplishment. To program a crystal simply hold it and imagine your dreams manifesting, carry it on you or place it intentionally at home / work.