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Love & Magic Tumbled Stone Set

Beloved Minerals

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This set is intuitively selected by our founder Ally Sun and comes with one Rainbow Moonstone, one Rose Quartz & one Ruby in Fuchsite 

Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful talisman for the inward journey. Putting us in touch with our more empathetic self by connecting us to the divine mother goddess energies of the moon. The veils of iridescence inspires creativity to flourish.

Rose Quartz is the love stone, teaching us to unconditionally love ourselves & others. Rose Quartz activates the heart and crown chakras.  our pain into growth so that your spirit may sparkle. By helping us to realize that truly love is infinite it dissolves feelings of jealousy and resolves harmful comparison habits. Place Rose Quartz in the right hand corner of your bedroom to attract true love

The fiery and captivating Ruby is a stone of nobility. Ruby has always been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. Stimulates the root chakra increasing vitality and chi, the life-force energy. Ruby has always been seen as a powerful love stone, by inspiring faithfulness, passion & closeness.


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