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Flower Agate Palm Stone

Beloved Minerals

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Flower Agate is a gorgeous stone with milky peach, pink & earth tones with Chalcedony plumes creating flower like shapes 🌸 some stones have gorgeous banding like a Lace Agate and others have Druzy Quartz pockets like that of Ocean Jasper. Metaphysically Flower Agate is a stone of manifestation helping us to call in that which we need most. By empowering our physical being it’s gives us a jump start, or simply put a “get stuff done” attitude. Encouraging us to follow our bliss and align with our purpose. Being an orange hue stone it also aids us in seeing our sexuality as sacred and is a powerful ally for fertility and sexual awakening 🔥

this listing is per individual stone

available in 3 size options 

xs 55 grams 2 inches 

sm 95 grams 2.25 inches 

med 145 grams 2.5 inches 

large 190 grams 3 inches