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Blue Aragonite Palm Stone No. 67
Blue Aragonite Palm Stone No. 67
Blue Aragonite Palm Stone No. 67
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Blue Aragonite Palm Stone No. 67

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Aragonite a companion to help weather the storm. Often when we are feeling tested it leaves us frazzled, this stone teaches us to access our inner peace and knowing during these trials allowing us to let go of emotional wounds, this, plus it’s aided meditational abilities make it an amazing stone for self - healing. Aragonite is also a special stone for those in service to others. As a healer it is more than essential to keep yourself grounded, this can be made particularly challenging when working with others energies. Your branches can only expand as far up as your roots grow deep. Meaning in order to access the higher vibrational energies required for healing work you must also be rooted to earth, stabilized and nourished. This stone is not just for crystal healers though, it is an amazing aid to anyone who’s life requires a level of service, like the mamas and the papas. Aragonite helps us to set the necessary boundary to care for one’s self before trying to care for others. It does this by encouraging us to express our deepest feelings undisputedly.

Size : 2.5 inches / 2.5 oz

Item No. 67

This listing is for the exact crystal pictured above

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