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Beloved Palo Santo - Sustainably Sourced

Beloved Minerals

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Custom Beloved Minerals Laser Etched Palo Santo, Sustainability Harvested Holy Wood

. 💎 ↡ Crystal cleansing by smoke ↡ 💎 .

⟡ lite the Palo Santo using lighter / matches / candle, I if your starting a new stick this can take a minute ( be careful when you do this and use your common sense  ) 

⟡ blow out the flame and with it exhale all the bs you’ve been dealing with

⟡ hold the Palo under the stone and let the smoke dance around your crystal, envision pulling a white light down from the cosmos and into your crystal ( light-work y’all )

Our Palo Santo is sustainably harvested from dead tree branches 

We will intuitively choose for you!

* size is approximate *

listing is per piece 


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